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I know exactly where I'm goin', and I'm getting closer and closer everyday~
friend's only! 
22nd-Sep-2009 12:09 am
aladdin - jafarz pissed yo

comment to be added, you knooooooow.
10th-Jan-2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
SO sorry for the random comment, but I just wanted to say your layout= ♥♥♥

10th-Feb-2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
that's okay :D but thank you! c:
10th-Feb-2010 05:28 am (UTC)
so. so. uhm.

:D I nabbed some white collar icons of yours. aaand then I was all curious about your interestseses.

and. homg.

Princess and the Frog, White Collar, Meet the Robbinsons, Treasure Planet, e-even SasuNaru and sixbillion others of your interests.

I.....I think I might wuv you. <3 (not in a creepy way >.>; )

butbut. :D *Friends?*
10th-Feb-2010 05:31 am (UTC)
a-and the slash, and the wanting to work at an animation studio aaaand stuff.

yeah. :/ okay I"m done being creepy.
13th-May-2010 06:13 am (UTC)
Here I am, commenting to be added. 8D

Its edelricfan from dA and Morgan from Facebook, yo. :D
13th-May-2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
HAAAY, I didn't know you were Morgan from facebook toooo :D


/adds back

13th-May-2010 12:30 pm (UTC)
What in the worl, how did I not know RedDestiny was sakikotetsu? Jeez. >.> And after I've flailed over your Elricest fic and holy heck, your ToothlessxHiccup art <3333 Definitely would like to be added! (if you don't mind? :D)
13th-May-2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
LOL it's kind of annoying because I'm Sakikotetsu EVERYwhere else except DeviantArt, so I understand the confusion XD

BUT HAY I'M GLAD YOU FOUND ME :D I'm so glad you like my stuffffff, bbbuuu~

and of course I don't mind! C: I'll add you baaack!
19th-May-2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
Hey, I love your HTTYD pics on dA, commenting here to be added! :D
19th-May-2010 04:28 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks so much! :D I'll go add you back right away :3
7th-Jun-2010 05:14 am (UTC)
o my goodness~ May I be added? pretty plz w/ sugar on top >3< Luv your work on DA btw :D the ToothlessxHiccup drawings~ o gosh >.o
7th-Jun-2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
8D of course, of course!

afljkd and thanks so muuuuch, I'm so glad you like them :'D ♥
22nd-Jun-2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
Just gonna... drop a little line here and say, hello! It's Kaliona from dA, commenting to be added because I love you a little.
16th-Aug-2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
Heyyyyyy! 8D Sorry for the idiotically late reply though .__.;

BUT thanks so much! :D I'll add you straight away~ <3
20th-Jul-2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
HAI. I'm speckle-dot from DA (I think that's my Username... or else Speckledot without the - thing. AT ANY RATE,) and I adore your art. You draw my favourite human toothless and so, I be here for the add! XD
16th-Aug-2010 05:04 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry for the late replyyyy, but thanks so much c8 I'm really glad he's your favorite <3 That's seriously a huge compliment xD

And of coouurse, I'll add you now C:
28th-Aug-2010 02:30 am (UTC)
D: sorry for commenting here.. I couldn't figure out any other way to contact you. Just wanted to know why I was declined for the toothcup community.
x8 Blerk, I apologize if its cuz my journal is new. I finally got an lj. I've been a long time lurker. Finally got up the guts to be posting some artz.
Will delete this comment after I hear from you. Thanks!
3rd-Nov-2010 12:42 am (UTC)
Heyyyy, this is the latest reply ever, but I really just wanted to tell you about that D:

That was just complete and utter poor judgement on my part. I normally check out everyone's journals who joins the group to see if they seem like they'd only joined to flame. The fandom was getting hit pretty hard by flamers and trolls a while back, so I was just trying to be careful. But I just wanted to apologize :< I really should've contacted you personally or something. I'm really sorry for all of that.

THAT SAID, can I also say that I'm a huge fan of your artwork? D:
28th-Nov-2010 10:45 pm (UTC)
Hello! C: Erm, I saw you on neocloud9's journal and noticed we had a lot of similar interests and I thought you just generally seemed awesome I'm not a stalker I promise. :D

... Friends? :3
28th-Nov-2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, awesome! :D N'awwww, I don't think you're a stalker! xD

Yes, yes, friends! C:
2nd-Dec-2010 08:43 pm (UTC)
*pokes head in slowly* hey, there. ^^; found you through the Toothless/Hiccup comm - and dA (I just hadn't realize you were the same person, at first lol). You seem pretty neat, and I was wondering if you'd like to be friends? <3
9th-Dec-2010 03:33 am (UTC)
Heyyyy! Glad you found me haha, I know it's a little confusing with the different screennames. But yeah man, I'd love to C: I'll add you right away~
17th-Dec-2010 08:01 am (UTC)
I see that we have quite a bit in common. =3

17th-Dec-2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
Sure! :D

29th-Dec-2010 06:06 am (UTC)
Heyo, I didn't know where to ask, but are you planning on continuing with the ToothlessxHiccup LJ group? I've noticed you have quite a few members and quite a few watchers, but not a single post. I'm interested in joining club, but only if it's alive. ^ ^ I even have something to post, if possible! :D
12th-Apr-2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
You've got Black Butler banner and Alladin icon, I think we could get along. If you want to that is :).
12th-Apr-2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
Why thanks! I think we could get along pretty well too c: I'll add you straight away~!
(Deleted comment)
8th-Jun-2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
ldkjfalsd sorry for the late reply! but hey man, always glad to meet other people who're into the same things :D I'll add you on heeeere, and it'd be awesome to talk to you on a messenger too :3
(Deleted comment)
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